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What are Chocobos?
Chocobos are huge birds that possess mythical abilities. Chocobos are found in dome shaped forests found on the World Map. There are a total of 4 types of Chocobos. Chocobos are important in the world of Final Fantasy as an alternative form of transport. It allows you to move across area with zero enemy encounter rates. However, having a zero encounter rate is a bad idea as you will not be receiving any item, experience points or gil.

How to catch a Chocobo?
To catch a Chocobo, you just need to visit a Chocobo Forest. There are a total of 4 Chocobo Forests, one forest for each kingdom - Baron, Mysidia, Fabul and Troia. Just visit the Chocobo. Chase after the Chocobo in the forest and talk to it with (A) button or button.

Eventually, you will be able to ride it out of the forest. Once on the world map, not hit (A) or button as the Chocobo will run away. You will take off from a Chocobo when you enter a Chocobo Forest. Please note that you cannot enter towns in a Chocobo. There are two types of Chocobos used for transportation. The above steps mentioned are for the normal Chocobos. There is a rumour that advanced version of Chocobos (black) has the ability to fly from one forest to another.

Types of Chocobos
There are total of 4 types of Chocobos in the world of Final Fantasy. Chocobos are important especially the Fat Chocobo. As you can only hold a limited number of items, you need the help of the Fat Chocobo to "stuff" your excess items into it...

Yellow Chocobos
This is the general form of Chocobos. They are mainly used for transportation via roads and pathways. Yellow Chocobos can move pass shallow waters but not moving across oceans or rivers. You can dispatch anywhere except for watery surfaces. Yellow Chocobos are found in all Chocobo Forests!

Black Chocobos
This is an alternative form of airships. As all airships require a certain amount of landing space, the black Chocobo is more useful. However it has some limitations. You can only land on forests and you cannot move across mountains due to low flying attitude. Black Chocobos has limited mobility in the air. Upon landing on a forest, the black Chocobo will not run away and stay put at the spot. When you board it again, it will take you back into the forest automatically. Black Chocobos are found in Troia originally. After you have accessed to the Underworld, you will find Black Chocobos also available in Baron area!

White Chocobos
This form of Chocobos cannot use as form of transport. Normally, you will find a white Chocobo staying in any of the 4 Chocobo Forests. Talking to the white Chocobo brings wonders, as it helps you to restore MP back to full!

Fat Chocobos
Like the white Chocobo, this type of Chocobos is not meant for transportation. The Fat Chocobo is ideally useful as it allows you to store up items. A Fat Chocobo is always present in the 4 forests until you have "called" for it...

Location of Chocobo Forests:
- Baron Area: Southwest off Baron Castle
- Troia Area: Northwest off Troia Castle - Chocobo Village
- Fabul Area: Northeast off Fabul Castle
- Mysidia Area: South from Mt. Ordeals

Fat Chocobo in the Underworld
In the underword, you can find a hidden spot for calling Fat Chocobo at the basement of Dwarven Castle. It is just next the infirmary (where you find Cid).

Lunar Whale Storage Pit
After the Mysidia legend has been realized, you will get the ultimate spaceship. At the lowest portion of the Lunar Whale, you will find a storage pit with the Fat Chocobo. It allows you to deposit/ withdraw items without the need of using Chocobo related equipment.

Chocobo Equipment
In the game, there are two of chocobos related items - Gysahl (Carrot) and the Whistle. These items allow you to summon a Fat Chocobo. When using a Gysahl Green, there are certain conditions need to be fulfilled. You need to locate a spot in the forest or Dwarven Castle Storage Pit that gives you the following sentence or similar:- "I can smell the presence of Chocobo in the air". You will see the item menu and use a Gysahl (Carrot) to call for Fat Chocobo. Feed allows you to deposit item into Fat Chocobo while Barf allows you to take out items from the Chocobo's storage pit.

When you have gain access to Moon, you will find a shop that sells the game's best items. There is an item called Whistle, which allows you call Fat Chocobo from any part of the world except in battles. The item is a one-time usage item, make sure you have a couple as you enter into the game's final dungeon...
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