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Chocobos are back in Final Fantasy IX! They are more better than ever! Chocobos can be called upon by using Gysahl Greens while Zidane is standing on the Chocobo tracks. You can find Chocobo tracks around the World of Final Fantasy IX. For the chocobo track locations, you can view it at the World Map.

Getting started...
To call for a Chocobo, you just need to get some Gysahl Greens. To get Gysahl Greens, you need to visit the Chocobo Forest found at the World Map. Chocobo Forest is a huge dome-shaped forest. Inside the forest, you find a moogle, Mene stationed inside the forest. Talk to him and purchase some greens. Go back to the World Map and step on the tracks. Open the menu and use the Gysahl Greens. You will summon a Chocobo, whose name is Choco. By the way, 'kweh' is the chirping sound for the Chocobo instead of wark that is used in Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Notes on riding Choco

In Final Fantasy IX, riding on a Chocobo prevents you from encountering random battles on the world map. The controls for movement is the same as moving Zidane on the world map. If you hit Triangle while riding a Chocobo, you will be able to view the Chocograph menu! From the Chocograph menu, you will find the list of chocographs available and you can choose to equip them. Please note that you need the Chocograph into to dig for treasure. To get Chocographs, you need play the Hot and Cold game in the Chocobo Forest, Chocobo Lagoon or Chocobo Air Garden.

Choco has also a Beak Level. This can be improved by digging more often while at the Chocobo Forest. When you located some Chocographs on the World Map, there is a possibility of Choco entering the Chocobo Dream World! At the Dream World, you will meet up with Fat Chocobo and Choco will gain new abilities. For more details, please refer to the Chocobo Abilities for more details.

P L A C E S   O F   C H O C O B O S
Below features screenshots on the related areas that is associated with Chocobos in Final Fantasy IX.

Chocobo Forest

This marks the starting of your Chocobo digging quest. You will find Mene (the moogle), here and you can talk to him to play the Chocobo Hot and Cold game (if Choco is around), exchange your accumulated points for items, buy Gysahl Greens at the price of 80 gil each. Talk to Choco, allows you to access the Chocograph menu and review its current beak level. The Chocobo Forest is a forest which features a couple of great spots for digging and it is rather easy to locate.

For more details, please refer the World Map. You will be able to acces the two mountain ledges on the right when Choco has acquired the Mountain Ability. (i.e. Red Chocobo). While in the Hot and Cold game, when you approach either one of these two cliffs, you will see a (!). Hit or to move up the ledges. This applies to getting down too.

PLACE Chocobo Lagoon
After you have gotten the Blue Chocobo (dig up the Healing Shores treasure), visit the Chocobo Forest and Mene will tell you about this lagoon. The Lagoon will be accessed from now onwards. Southwest from the island, you can find Chocobo tracks there. Call for Choco. Moves along the shallow waters and you will find a island with a huge hump. That is the Chocobo Lagoon. Enter it.

The menu is the same as the Chocobo Forest except that are some new rules for the hot and cold game. By the way, you can't access your menu by hit the button. You have to talk to Mene and choose "Ask Choco" followed by "Open up the Menu".

This place is harder to dig as compared to the previous location - Chocobo Forest. The Lagoon can only be accessible after Choco has acquired the Reef Ability. How to acquired Reef Ability? Please refer to levelling up for more details. Once Choco has acquired the Sea ability, you will be dig deep in the dark blue sea waters.

In this area, you will also start to discover Dead Peppers! These peppers are essential for accessing bonus area and uncover secrets hidden under the Chocographs Pieces.

PLACE Chocobo Dream World
Certain locations in the world which Chocographs shows allows Choco to get abilities instead of treasure chests. There are a total of 4 such spots and they will be elaborated under Levelling Up.Once you have found the treasure, sleeping gas will be released and Choco will be transported to the Dream World. At the Dream World, Choco will meet up with the master of all Chocobos, Fat Chocobo along with other 4 multi-colored Chocobos.

They are Reef (Light Blue), Mountain (Red), Sea (Dark Blue), Flying (Gold). You will need to get them in the order mentioned above. Certain Chocographs requires these abilities. Once Choco exit from the Dream World, you will be back at World Map and Choco's color will change! I will talk more about their abilities under Levelling Up.

PLACE Chocobo Air Garden
This is hardest to locate Chocobo digging ground in the game. You need get the Gold Chocobo to access this area. Next you need to look for a huge shadow on the ground. The Air Garden moves around the skies of world. The shadow is around 2 times larger than Choco's shadow. I would recommend you to fly low on the magnitude and look out for the shadow.

PLACE Chocobo Paradise
As a tradition in the recent Final Fantasy series (FF7 and FF8), the Chocobo Paradise is located on an unmarked area. It is located in the Northwest of the World Map. You need a Gold Chocobo to reach there. Land on the forest nearby and you will find a "crack" on that mountain area. Have Choco facing it. Use it and choose to use the Dead Pepper.

From now onwards, you will be able to enter the Paradise with Choco like as you are entering towns. At the Chocobo Paradise, you will find all sorts of Chocobo and you can talk to them to know about locations by using the Dead Pepper. For more details, please refer to Chocographs for more details.

At the Paradise, you will meet the king of Chocobos in the area. Choco will be only allowed to return to the Paradise only when you have discovered all the Chocograph and Chocograph Piece locations...
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