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W O R L D   M A P

World Map
These features a world map that is created by both Scott Ong and Shumi. We have colorized the world map in blue, so that it fits our background. Some of the places requires you to make use of Chocobos to reach it. In Final Fantasy IX, there are hidden areas that are accessible by using Dead Pepper and an ability Chocobo.

The World Map

Saving your Game:
In Final Fantasy IX, you can no longer save your game while on the World Map by simply accessing the menu. You need use the Moogle's Flute by hit the button to save your game. The moogle, Maguo will provide you with the following options:

. Save your game
. Use a Tent

You will be able to obtain an transportation vehicle as you progress onto the game. The vehicles allows you to access areas that are beyond the reach by foot. Ships required you to approach a shore for landing. Airships has limited landing area and it has land to grassy areas.

Chocobo Places:

In the world, there are a total of 4 accessible Chocobo-related places. You cannot enter the Dreamworld unless Choco initiates a sleeping powder that brings him to the dream world. Different places needs to have a requirement in order to access. You need to use a Gysahl Greens from the item menu to summon a Chocobo.

Chocobo Forest:
You need a Chocobo or Blue Narciss to access it.

Chocobo Lagoon:
You need a Light Blue Chocobo to access it. You need deploy your transporation somewhere in Salavage Archipelago and call for Chocobo within that vicinity. Ride your way towards it.

Chocobo Air Garden
The Garden will be floating around skies of the World Map. You need to locate a huge shadow cast on the world while Choco is in air. Once you locate it, position Choco in the middle. Use a
         Dead Pepper to pilot Choco into the Garden!

Chocobo Paradise
Pilot Choco to the northwest most tip of the World. You should be able to locate a deserted island. There is a crack on the mountain. Position Choco near it. Use a Dead Pepper and you
         will be able to access the Chocobo Paradise! The similar method can be used to access the
         Mognet Central.

W O R L D   M A P
Done by Scott Ong


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